Issue with Java upgrade from Older version to Version 8+

Issue with Java upgrade from Older version to Version 8+

We have encountered an issue when clients upgrade their Java version on their computer. An update from an older version of Java to Java Version 8 is causing some conflicts with respect to previewing and validating SPL files using the A4L Software.


Error messages like "Invalid XML Input file" or "Internet Explorer cannot display this page" may be seen when trying to Preview or Validation the SPL Document, if the issue is present on your computer (See the images attached with this solution).


On researching the issue, we have concluded that remnants of older versions of Java may still remain within certain folders on the computer after upgrading to a one of the latest versions of Java (Version 8+).


To ensure that the older versions are completely removed from the computer, please check for the presence rof the following particular files in the following locations:



C:\\Windows\\System32 --- If a 32-bit Operating System

C:\\Windows\\SysWow64 --- If a 64-bit Operating System


The files that need to be removed or relocated are as follows:






To confirm, select one of the files, right-click and select Properties. Once the Properties is displayed, click the Details tab and confirm that it is from older version of Java. Once confirmed, please remove or delete the files after which a complete a restart of the system will be required.

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